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Be-Well Free Clinic Program

Be Well Free and Charitable Clinic

We provide a free clinic and healthcare services in Oak Lawn, Worth, and Bridgeview areas for all new immigrants, uninsured, and underinsured kids, adults, and elderly folks. The Be Well Free and Charitable Clinic provides non-emergency medical services, school physicals, chronic care management, as well as womens’ and mens’ health services. We also provide health insurance and Medicaid counseling/assistance for anyone needing medication, lab work, and other health-related services.

The Be Well Free and Charitable Clinic, established by local community stakeholders in June 2021, is an example of community partnerships at work. Facilitated by the Illinois Association Free and Charitable Clinics, local stakeholders came together to instantiate a “patient-centered” Free Clinic that focused on “WHAT MATTERED MOST” to the patients and caregivers. Part of seed funding for this project also came from IMANA with additional support from the Al Nahda Center, Family Practice Residency Program of Christ Hospital, Mosque Community Nurses of Chicagoland, and Worry-Free Community

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