“Tell Me More About Ramadan” by Bacharach Karroum is a wonderful book to engage and introduce kids to ramadan traditions being raised in a western country! For kids in the diaspora and second third and fourth generation arab Americans I was thrilled to find a book that introduces young readers to the concept of Ramadan in such an engaging and informative way.

The story follows a curious young Muslim girl named Laila, who wants to learn more about the holy month of Ramadan. The book covers a range of important topics related to Ramadan, including the significance of the Quran, the importance of prayer, charity, and good deeds, and the spirit of family and collaboration during this special month.

What I loved most about the book was its focus on dispelling common misconceptions about Ramadan. It’s not just about fasting during the day – there’s a much deeper spiritual meaning behind the month of mercy. The book encourages children to appreciate the blessings of Allah and to develop habits of forgiveness, generosity, and kindness that can be carried forward beyond Ramadan.

As someone who was born and raised in a different country from my parents, I also appreciated how the book addressed the challenges and questions that Muslim children may face growing up outside of their parents’ culture. It’s a relatable and accessible narrative that can help children understand their religion and culture more deeply.

Overall, I highly recommend “Tell Me More About Ramadan” to any Muslim families looking for a way to introduce their children to the spirit of Ramadan. The engaging narrative and beautiful illustrations make it a fun and informative read for children, while the important religious concepts and values will be appreciated by parents. Plus, the book ends with a teaser for more upcoming Islamic books for kids, so stay tuned!

Please see this read along video for additional content!