Do you Know the Ramadan Moon?

Step into the world of Ramadan with the perfect hidden gem for Muslim families, Do You Know the Ramadan Moon? This captivating non-fiction children’s book takes readers on a journey through the Islamic customs of Ramadan, from the sighting of the moon to the joyous Eid celebration.

Narrated by Abdullah, the eldest sibling of a trio of young Ramadan Moon Explorers, this book seamlessly mingles religious faith and practice with scientific information about astronomy, making it an essential addition to any elementary or middle school library. It’s perfect for homeschools, private religious schools, or public schools alike.

The illustrations in this book are simply breathtaking and will captivate both children and adults alike. Abdullah’s vivid descriptions of the moon and its continuous phases will inspire readers to become Ramadan Moon Explorers themselves, as they sky-gaze using the hands-on activity included in the book.

Do You Know the Ramadan Moon? not only teaches readers about Ramadan customs but also shares facts about the moon and its importance in Islamic culture. It’s the perfect book for families to share and reflect on their own Ramadan customs or for families learning about Ramadan for the first time.

So, join Abdullah and his siblings on their journey and become a Ramadan Moon Explorer yourself!

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