The Year started strong with the Salwa program distribution on the first Saturday of the month as usual and on the 21st we hosted our vaccine drive through Salwa!

Our house of heritage and culture project is officially launched and seeking contributors looking to document their history and heritage for the community. Our new Documentation and memory preservation project from the House of Heritage and Culture program is concerned with documenting the Palestinian memory, preserving the Arab identity in the Diaspora, and linking the new generation to the homeland, language, and religion through many programs, courses, and workshops. The Renaissance Center is honored to have Mr. Omar Hamed, a historian and researcher in issues of history and heritage, joining the work team.

We hosted a town hall covering our Medical, Food Pantry, and Week-End School, programs attending town hall meeting with shawn Casten. Where we Distributed Packages of food close to 100 Families.

Al Nahda proudly launched our Arabi calligraphy course through the renaissance center with Qasem Noah Sartawi. see information for enrollment below!

Al Nahda Center also had come great collaborations this month hosting the USPCN event on mental in Gaza and the Chicago coalition for Palestine protest for Jenin.

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