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Break your Fast with Katira!

Break your fast for Iftar with this delicious and refreshing Ramadan drink from Malaysia and Singapore!

Ramadan in India!

Take a walk through Dehli’s old markets and see India’s celebration of tradition and faith this Ramadan!

The White Nights of Ramadan

This is a truly beautiful children’s book about Ramadan Traditions in the Gulf! Perfect for all ages but particularly good for children in early elementary school this is a beautiful and captivating story I hope will brighten your evening with your children!

Do You Know the Ramadan Moon?

Do you know the Ramadan Moon is a great new hidden gem for young Muslim readers!

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Golden Domes and Silver lanterns is a beautiful book which showcases Muslim culture through colors! A great addition to the library of any young reader!

Curious about Ramadan!

It’s Ramadan Curious George is a great book for Ramadan bedtimes, especially for young readers! Get this Ramadan edition of the infamous Curious George cardboard books!

Ramadan in Palestine

Inspiring feats of strength and resilience from Palestine this Ramadan

Folklore Story for Ramadan

Please take interest in this beautiful Islamic folktale this Ramadan evening. A story engaging for all ages!

Ramadan Sambusas

Here are some crafty recommendations for last minute Sambusas for our Iftar dinner tonight!

The Gift of Ramadan

The Gift of Ramadan Looking for a heartwarming and inclusive story about Ramadan to share with your family? Look no further than “The Gift of Ramadan” by Rabiah York Lumbard. […]

Tell me more about Ramadan!

“Tell Me More About Ramadan” by Bacharach Karroum is a wonderful book to engage and introduce kids to ramadan traditions being raised in a western country! For kids in the […]

Under the ramadan moon

A book review for some of our favorite Ramadan Bedtime Stories! After Iftar when the house is sleepy end the evening with Under the Ramadan Moon by Sylvia Whitman!

Ramadan Mubarak 2023

Follow our blog for 30 nights of Bedtime stories, recipes and cultural posts about Ramadan!

Dr. Sulaeman Baraka

Special guest and NASA Scientist Dr. Sulaeman Baraka came to Al Nahda for a special presentation for the community on the science of the Moon and Quran

Salwa 2023

Al Nahda created Salwa as a modest bread pantry to distribute pita to the community during the COVID pandemic. Since 2020 Salwa has grown into a successful free food service […]

January in Review

The Year started strong with the Salwa program distribution on the first Saturday of the month as usual and on the 21st we hosted our vaccine drive through Salwa! Our […]

Glory to Our Martyrs

The Jenin Massacre Al Nahda is a proud organizing member of the Chicago Coalition for Palestine. The coalition is responsible for many of the protests for Palestine held in chicago. […]

Building with Jisoor!

We are happy to announce the launch of Jisoor, our sister organization which will be leading our work in Political Education and Lobbying in the community.   Salaam from Jisoor! [...]

Salwa program served 50 families

We are currently running an extensive Pita Bread Drive in areas where food and bread are scarce due to the outbreak of COVID-19. As part of this project, we provide [...]