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Toward the renaissance of a society and the beginning of societal, scientific and political progress.


Energizing the community and preparing the tools with engagement with human life in all fields.

Nahda means awakening

Nahda is an Arabic term that roughly translates to “the awakening,” motivating us to enliven the community while enriching their souls through a variety of programs and services designed to educate, inspire and uplift. Our community thrives on communication and feedback, and we believe it’s our responsibility to serve as a pillar of support for them to lean on. We recognize that there’s a countless number of people with untapped potential for greatness and we want them to shine in every way possible.

Every bit of knowledge and advancement starts with knowing how you can contribute to your community. With this notion at the forefront, Nahda Center was established in 2014 with the primary goal of creating a bridge between anyone and everyone regardless of their race, color, national origin, or religious affiliation. We have a firm policy of acceptance and aim to cater to all types of backgrounds ever since we first opened our doors.

People tend to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what their roles in society are, but the process can be streamlined through the many programs, services, and events we host on a regular basis. As part of our core focus, we nurture and care for children without requiring parents to worry about whether they can afford their education. We’re there for people in times of need by providing essentials and canned foods to anyone struggling to feed themselves or their families. 

To put it simply, it’s our duty at Nahda Center to always be there for our community, standing as a firm pillar of support in an effort to create a welcoming and nurturing environment where everyone can live up to their true potential. 

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We’re always open to meeting new people and love seeing new faces at Nahda Center. Here’s some info for you to learn a little more about our hardworking team.